Saturday, December 12, 2009

warm/cool studies of white objects, oil on paper

garlic oil on panel 6x9"

limited palette figure studies

zack, oil on panel, 16x12"

mastercopy studies after ingres,
bouguereau, and caravagio, oil on paper

gasworks park, pencil and white chalk on toned paper, 8x10"

pods, etching 6x9"


Tracy said...

Hallo Zoeychka,

These are lovely, just like you.


Ioulia said...

oh Zoey beautiful!!!
i espetially love garlic and zack - very delicate!!!!
thank you for posting!!

McGuire said...

Keep posting your art work/sketches, really beautiful, elegant.


Kate said...

these are great! duh.

Peter Moehrle said...

I got a good look at your paintings last night, very nice and congratulation on winning your award.


zoey frank said...

Peter, i'm so glad you came, i'm sorry i missed you!

Peter Moehrle said...

Hi, Is the show still up?
You didn't post the one painting on display on the 1st floor on your blog.

zoey frank said...

the work in the halls is still up, our atelier space has been taken down. just took a picture of the female back today!