Wednesday, December 15, 2010

amanda, oil on linen, 32x16" 

yma from behind, oil on linen

katrina, oil on linen, 18x16"

james standing, oil on linen 24x12"

setting, oil on linen 10x20

dried roses, oil on paper leaves, oil on paper

laurence, oil on paper  omari, oil on paper 


Deborah Ross said...

Zoey, your work is's ethereal, romantic...I'm so glad I found your blog.

Fernando Puente Perela said...

Me gusta mucho tu trabajo. Gracias por publicar el blog

Brian David MacNeil said...

Beautiful work zoey!!! Where did you Study?

Thomas K. Conway said...

Nice work. The quality of light in 'James Standing' is outstanding. Very well done.

Sharon Wright said...

'yma from behind'is just glorious! Having said that all your work is stunningly beautiful.